Fashioning confident smiles through orthodontics

As your children grow and change, so do their teeth, and a number of dental issues can arise that not only impact their health and comfort, but also their self-esteem as they go into their teens and early twenties.

Common dental issues like overbites, crooked teeth and gaps can all impact the way you see and value yourself. But thankfully they can be fixed and treated to help improve the way you feel about yourself and your smile.

Mindful of the needs of our patients, we offer a range of orthodontic services for kids, teens and adults to help straighten and fix their teeth, protect their smile and restore their confidence including braces and Invisalign.

When are braces needed?

Unlike the traditional method of waiting until you have lost all your baby teeth, in some cases, early treatment can prevent damage to teeth and gums or ensure orthodontic problems don’t get worse. It may also result in shorter and less complicated treatment at a later age.

Braces can be required to treat a number of orthodontic problems from cosmetic issues like crooked teeth and gapped teeth, to structural issues like overbites, under bites and incorrectly positioned jaws or teeth resulting in speech problems. After a regular check-up and clean your dentist will be able to alert you to any issues that may require braces to correct.

What are the different types of braces available?

While no one looks forward to needing braces, with more subtle designs and options available, braces don’t need to be a major problem or lifestyle change. At Goulburn Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice we provide two different types of braces to treat common orthodontic issues, these include:

For more information on each of the different types of braces we provide, please call our friendly team on (02) 4822 8224.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces can depend on your teeth, the complexity of your problem, the type of braces you require for treatment and whether you receive health care funding.

If braces are needed our friendly team of dentists will walk you through the options and costs and answer any questions you have.

Want to smile with confidence?

Wondering if you or your child needs braces? Call the Goulburn Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice team today on (02) 4822 8224 to book an appointment.

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